Yu-Gang Jiang

Distinguished Professor
School of Computer Science
Fudan University
Shanghai, China


Yu-Gang Jiang is a Chang Jiang Scholar Distinguished Professor at School of Computer Science, Fudan University. His research is focused on multimedia, computer vision, and robust & trustworthy AI. As the director of Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Intelligent Visual Computing and Fudan Vision and Learning (FVL) Laboratory, he leads a group of researchers working on all aspects of robust & trustworthy visual analytics. He publishes extensively in top journals and conferences with over 20000 citations and an H-index of 72. His research outcomes have had major impacts on applications like mobile visual search/recognition and defect detection for high-speed railway infrastructures. His work has led to many awards, including the inaugural 2014 ACM China Rising Star Award, the 2015 ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award, several best paper awards, and various recognitions from NSF China, MOE China, and Shanghai Government. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong and spent three years working at Columbia University before joining Fudan in 2011. As the Dean of Fudan's School of Computer Science during 2020-2022, he has contributed significantly to the growth and advancement of the School. He is an elected Fellow of IAPR.

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Lab Address: 5F, No. 2 Interdisciplinary Research Building, 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu, Shanghai 200438, China.
Office Address: 5F, Admin Building, 220 Handan Road, Yangpu, Shanghai 200433, China.